Swift Trucking, better known as Swift Transportation, is the largest carrier in the United States. The Arizona-based company boasts a fleet of 16,000 trucks and was founded in 1966.

The company first began by transporting steel from the Los Angeles to Arizona. They also transported cotton from Arizona back to Southern California for export.

Over the years, Swift has acquired more than 11 different motor carriers. The company generates more than $3 billion in revenue each year with more than 40 different full service facilities in the U.S. and Mexico. Swift also owns Trans-Mex, a Mexico-based carrier. This makes it simple and easy to transport goods across the border. The company also maintains a presence in all Canadian provinces.

Swift Trucking Services

Swift Trucking

Container shipping

With the largest fleet in the country, Swift has all of the equipment needed to get the job done right. The company offers solutions for shipments to Mexico, local shipping or coast-to-coast delivery. Swift services the California Ports and is a U.S. Customs bonded carrier.

Intermodal transport

Swift offers a variety of transportation options to ensure your goods arrive on time and costs stay within your budget. Services offered include:

  • Trailer on Flat Car – Swift’s domestic fleet consists of more than 56,000 containers that are all capable of being transported by rail. Containers come equipped with satellite tracking, so you always know where your goods are.
  • Container on Flat Car – Swift boasts one of the most modern container fleets in the transporting industry with satellite tracking in real time.
  • Lightweight Network – Designed for lighter shipments up to 51,000 pounds.
  • Cross Border Shipping – Swift also offers services in and out of Canada and Mexico.

Flat bed

Swift Transport has more than 475 tractors and over 1,300 trailers. No matter what your transport needs are, Swift has a solution that is right for you.

Heavy haul

The company operates over 550 heavy haul units in Canada and in the Northwest. The company offers a range of trailer configurations to meet the unique demands of their customers. Today, their heavy haul service is even used by manufacturers of beverages and paper products to transport their weight-sensitive products. Swift’s equipment includes:

  • 53’ Quad-axle dry vans with a weight capacity of 62,000 pounds.
  • 40’ and 24’ roll door trailer with a weight capacity of 62,000 pounds.
  • 53’ Tri-axle reefers with a weight capacity of 55,000 pounds.

Temperature controlled

Swift is known as being the largest dry van carrier in the United States, but they also maintain one of the largest temperature controlled fleets as well. Swift can handle just about any type of temperature sensitive product just about anywhere in North America. Major retailers like Costco and Wal-Mart have trusted Swift with their transport needs. They have the expertise and manpower to handle both small and large loads.


Swift operates more than 4,000 dedicated tractors. Dedicated fleets offer personalized service, price consistency and market timing. For many customers, dedicated transport is the absolute best solution.


With Swift Logistics, customers can enjoy the following services:

  • Brokerage solutions: The company offers a customized brokerage solution to their customer that includes multi-modal and equipment. Coverage is provided for North America.
  • Freight Under Management: Swift uses Oracle OTM, the leading TMS platform. This allows customers to enjoy real-time optimization, reports and dashboard management.
  • Engineering and Consulting Services: Optimization services designed to improve ROI. This includes an analysis of transportation costs, reporting dashboards and TMS support.
  • Transloading: Swift offers transloading services to transport your goods from ocean containers to their ground fleet. The company boasts a turnaround time of just 24 hours.
  • Clean fleet: Swift is California idle compliant, TWIC certified, RFID certified, C-TPAT certified and a Smartway charter member. Swift does everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint using their special Clean Fleet.
  • Purchasing or leasing equipment – Swift also has a selection of refrigerated equipment, trailers and tractors available for sale or for lease. The company is able to save customers money by cutting out the middleman and offering custom leasing contracts to clients.
  • Expedited Service – For time-sensitive deliveries, Swift offers expedited team service. The company offers more than 2,000 expedited team units powered by 4,000 drivers. All trailers are equipped with GPS and load security to protect your goods at all times.

Swift Transportation Company History


Swift trucking began its operations in 1966 with its determined and innovative founder Jerry Moyes at its helm. Jerry had a can-do spirit which forms the core principle of the company to date. They started out trucking imported steel through the ports of Los Angeles to Arizona, and made the round trip trucking cotton for export back through to South Carolina.

Operating originally under the name Common Market, Swift got its name after purchasing operating authority from a descendant of the Swift Meat Packing family business. Jerry operated the business with his father (Carl Moyes), brother (Ronald Moyes) and partner (Randy Knight), but became sole owner of the company after the passing of his father Carl in 1985. He bought out his two remaining partners.

The company’s terminal network has now grown to over forty full service facilities throughout the continental United States and Mexico. They also own 100% of the Nuevo Laredo, Mexico based carrier, Trans-Mex. Their services include border crossing at all major Mexican border crossings and they have a daily presence in every Canadian province. This makes them the undisputed largest truckload motor carrier in the world.

Swift Trucking Operational Practices

A visit to their website yields their mission statement which underscores the operational practices of the company, followed by a list of the values that guides their actions and relationship with their clients and workers. The mission statement, vision and team purpose all underscore the company’s commitment to maintaining “Best in Class” service performance.

Swift Transportation takes pride in being the “Best in Class” in every department. They employ the skills and goals necessary to help them reach their goal. There are three key principles which the company uses to attain this goal. They must have disciplined people, thought and action. In an effort to strengthen their relationship, Swift trucking uses these three disciplines and long term decision making to their advantage.

In their bid to be the “Best in Class” in every department Swift trucking have invested in continuous learning opportunities such as Lean Six Sigma, Franklin Covey among others. They have also invested time and resources and capital towards innovation and technology.

The company operates on a system of disciplined culture where decisions affect their value stream in a positive way. They strongly believe that when there are disciplined people on the workforce there is no need for hierarchy. When there are disciplined thoughts, there is no need for bureaucracy and when there is disciplined action you don’t need excessive control.

Swift Trucking is also a huge supporter and participant in green technologies.

Swift Workers

Swift place trust in their employees by empowering them to take charge of their own destiny. They are encouraged to know their responsibilities and live up to their commitments. Employees are encouraged that there is nothing faster than the speed of trust and that they should extend it, cherish it and build it. Safety is the personal value of each person so they should think safe, act safe and be safe.

Swift trucking fosters a team spirit amongst its employees and provides them with a healthy and secure work environment so they can meet their business and personal objectives. Swift believes that by valuing and building their employees they will help their organization to achieve the high standards set by their customers. Swift trains, build and develop their employees through continuous learning opportunities geared towards enhancing their skill sets. This allows the company to recognize the talent among their workforce. They also believe that they will be able to honor commitment to excellence which will drive their economic model through growth in sales, cost control, and increased financial prosperity.

The Swift model of achievement has placed them on the cutting edge of service. Their customers enjoy added value and their employees enjoy what they do. This creates an evident enthusiasm which resonates both internally and externally.

Swift CDL Training


The Swift CDL Training Program is highly rated throughout the nation because their instructors are experienced very knowledgeable and committed to helping trainees attain the highest score possible. This enables our drivers to be amongst the best and safest truckers on the nation’s road. Instructors at Swift trucking school help trainees build up their driving skills.

If you are contemplating getting your CDL you may want to consider starting off with a reputable Swift CDL. Many truckers throughout the United States have entrusted their trucking career to Swift and benefit from a number of career paths available to them. Experienced truckers who want to join the Swift team can submit their application online, while owner operators can review lease options and submit an application online.

Swift Trucking School

In order to maintain the quality of the drivers they hire Swift operates their own trucking schools. The tuition for the comprehensive course is $3900 which the company will reimburse when the trainee starts working at the company. The stipulations are that the full course fee will reimbursed over a period of 26 consecutive months of employment with the company. New classes are available every week to accommodate new trainees. Advantages of attending Swift trucking school are as follows:

• Financing for student housing
• Bus transportation to and from the school
• All study and testing materials are provided
• Physical and drug screen testing

Swift schools are members of CVTA and are located in the following locations:

• Arizona (offers PTDI certified course)
• Idaho (offers PTDI certified course)
• Tennessee (operated as a postsecondary education institution with authority from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission). V.A . Benefits are accepted and the PTDI certified course is offered.
• Texas (offers PTDI certified course)

Swift trucking now boasts several achievements.

• They had their first public offering in 1990
• There are approximately 22,000 dedicated professionals, including nearly 17,000 skilled workers employed by the company.
• They own and operate over 17,000 Volvpo and freightliner tractors with 92% of them less than five years old. They also have more than 48,000 dry vans and 1,400 flatbed trailers at its disposal.
• In 2005 Swift’s revenue stood at approximately $3.2 billion with a net profit of more than $101 million.
• Their trucks haul freight over two billion miles per year.
• Their truckload services include container, dry van, heavy haul, intermodal, and refrigerated to name a few.